Généalogie des communes de Milhas, Razecueillé et Sengouagnet
This family tree was last updated on 11 February 2016.
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Earliest birth year1585Nicolas TOUZET
Birth about 1585 -
Death 16 October 1674 (Age 89) - Sengouagnet, 31544, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées, FRANCE,
Latest birth year1907André Louis DAFFOS
Birth 16 September 1907 - Albi, 81004, Tarn, Midi-Pyrénées, FRANCE,
Earliest death year1673Anne CLAVERIE
Birth about 1672 -
Death 12 February 1673 (Age 13 months) - Milhas, 31342, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées, FRANCE,
Latest death year1993 Lucienne Jeanne BERRÉGAS
Birth 12 November 1896 - Milhas, 31342, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées, FRANCE,
Death 18 November 1993 (Age 97) - Saint-Gaudens, 31483, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées, FRANCE,
Individual who lived the longest113Guilhaume SÉNAC
Birth August 1778 - Aspet, 31020, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées, FRANCE, Balejon
Death before 1891 (Age 112) -
Average age at death39Males: 37   Females: 40
Family with the most children14Jean Bertrand RUMÈBE + Catherine PRADÈRE
Marriage 5 September 1801 - Aspet, 31020, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées, FRANCE,
Average number of children per family2.91 
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Most common surnames

On this day
Bertrande BARRÈREBARRÈRE,Bertrande13 February 18990117117Death
Marie DUCHEINDUCHEIN,Marie13 February 18971119119Death
Bertrand BOUÉBOUÉ,Bertrand13 February 18872129129Birth
Germain BARÈSBARÈS,Germain13 February 18843132132Birth
Marie Louise BARRÈREBARRÈRE,Marie Louise13 February 18844132132Death
Jeanne Marie BARÈSBARÈS,Jeanne Marie13 February 18825134134Death
Bertrand Barthélémy BARÈSBARÈS,Bertrand Barthélémy13 February 18646152152Death
Jean Dit Jeannillon GARIÉGARIÉ,Jean Dit Jeannillon13 February 18587158158Death
Jeanne Marie BARRÈREBARRÈRE,Jeanne Marie13 February 18538163163Death
Bertrande CABIROCABIRO,Bertrande13 February 18429174174Birth
Marie Jeanne Dite Carrasset DAFFOSDAFFOS,Marie Jeanne Dite Carrasset13 February 184110175175Death
Jean François SERESERE,Jean François13 February 184111175175Birth
Jeanne Valentine RAOULRAOUL,Jeanne Valentine13 February 183912177177Birth
Raymond BARÈSBARÈS,Raymond13 February 183713179179Birth
Dominique BARÈSBARÈS,Dominique13 February 183614180180Death
Jean BOUÉBOUÉ,Jean13 February 183415182182Death
Antoine Dit Philip DAFFOSDAFFOS,Antoine Dit Philip13 February 182916187187Death
Marie COURETCOURET,Marie13 February 182517191191Death
Aubin Mathieu COURETCOURET,Aubin Mathieu13 February 182418192192Death
Pétronille PRADÈREPRADÈRE,Pétronille13 February 182319193193Death
Laurent SENTENACSENTENAC,Laurent13 February 182220194194Death
Guillemette DAFFOSDAFFOS,Guillemette13 February 182221194194Birth
Margueritte SOURDSOURD,Margueritte13 February 182222194194Birth
Jacques RAOULRAOUL,Jacques13 February 182123195195Death
Michelle SAUNÉSAUNÉ,Michelle13 February 182124195195Death
Didier Jean BUCBUC,Didier Jean13 February 182125195195Birth
Jeanne Valentine SAINT PAULSAINT PAUL,Jeanne Valentine13 February 182026196196Birth
Jeanne Marie DUCHEINDUCHEIN,Jeanne Marie13 February 181827198198Death
Catherine Périne SOURDSOURD,Catherine Périne13 February 181628200200Birth
Marie Serine TOUGNETOUGNE,Marie Serine13 February 181329203203Birth
Catherine BOUIGUEBOUIGUE,Catherine13 February 181030206206Birth
Jammes BARÈSBARÈS,Jammes13 February 179531221221Birth
Jeanne Marie Bertrande ROUZAUTROUZAUT,Jeanne Marie Bertrande13 February 179032226226Birth
Marie Anne SERVATSERVAT,Marie Anne13 February 178733229229Birth
Jeanne PRADÈREPRADÈRE,Jeanne13 February 178734229229Birth
Jean Bernard VARÈSVARÈS,Jean Bernard13 February 178635230230Birth
Pierre RIBISRIBIS,Pierre13 February 177836238238Birth
Jeanne Marie DAFFOSDAFFOS,Jeanne Marie13 February 177537241241Birth
Marie Jeanne MILHASMILHAS,Marie Jeanne13 February 177438242242Birth
Bertrande BARÈSBARÈS,Bertrande13 February 176239254254Birth
Raymond DAFFOSDAFFOS,Raymond13 February 176140255255Death
Bertrand DUCHEINDUCHEIN,Bertrand13 February 174341273273Birth
Marie OURTET?OURTET?,Marie13 February 171742299299Death
Anne ARTIGUEARTIGUE,Anne13 February 171043306306Birth
Jaques SUBERVILLESUBERVILLE,Jaques13 February 169344323323Birth
Blaise TOUZETTOUZET,Blaise13 February 168945327327Death
Jeane RUMÈBERUMÈBE,Jeane13 February 168546331331Birth
Michelle PRADÈREPRADÈRE,Michelle13 February 167747339339Birth
Pascal DUCHEIN + Marie Louise PRADÈREDUCHEIN,Pascal + PRADÈRE,Marie Louise13 February 190448112112Marriage
Pierre BARÈS + Marie JANVIERBARÈS,Pierre + JANVIER,Marie13 February 190149115115Marriage
Pierre DENCAUSSE + Jeanne LAYLLEDENCAUSSE,Pierre + LAYLLE,Jeanne13 February 186550151151Marriage
Pey RUMÈBE + Marie Louise SOURDRUMÈBE,Pey + SOURD,Marie Louise13 February 185451162162Marriage
Jean Louis PEYRE + Jeanne BARÈSPEYRE,Jean Louis + BARÈS,Jeanne13 February 184252174174Marriage
Jean Bernard SOURT + Anne ANDRILLONSOURT,Jean Bernard + ANDRILLON,Anne13 February 183353183183Marriage
Jammes BARÈS + Bertrande BARÈSBARÈS,Jammes + BARÈS,Bertrande13 February 183054186186Marriage
Mathieu Dit Lapeyre DAFFOS + Jeanne DAFFOSDAFFOS,Mathieu Dit Lapeyre + DAFFOS,Jeanne13 February 180355213213Marriage
Jean Bertrand TAPIE + Marie Jeanne PRADÈRETAPIE,Jean Bertrand + PRADÈRE,Marie Jeanne13 February 180356213213Marriage
Jean Bertrand RIBET + Jeanne Marie SAINT PAULRIBET,Jean Bertrand + SAINT PAUL,Jeanne Marie13 February 179057226226Marriage
Nicolas MAYLIN + Raymonde BARÈSMAYLIN,Nicolas + BARÈS,Raymonde13 February 178758229229Marriage
Louis SOURD + Catherine BARRÈRESOURD,Louis + BARRÈRE,Catherine13 February 177959237237Marriage
Louis BARÈS + Marie Paule BOÉBARÈS,Louis + BOÉ,Marie Paule13 February 177960237237Marriage
Louis PRADÈRE + Anne DUTREICHPRADÈRE,Louis + DUTREICH,Anne13 February 177961237237Marriage
Barthelemi PEYREFITE + Françoise MARTINPEYREFITE,Barthelemi + MARTIN,Françoise13 February 177962237237Marriage
Jean Jacques DURRIEU + Marie AJAUDURRIEU,Jean Jacques + AJAU,Marie13 February 177963237237Marriage
Jean François TOUZET + Josèphe SOURDTOUZET,Jean François + SOURD,Josèphe13 February 177964237237Marriage
Pierre DUTREICH + Jeane TOUZETDUTREICH,Pierre + TOUZET,Jeane13 February 174965267267Marriage
Pierre DUTREICH + Jeane PRADÈREDUTREICH,Pierre + PRADÈRE,Jeane13 February 174566271271Marriage
Jean SABADIE + Catherine DAFFOSSABADIE,Jean + DAFFOS,Catherine13 February 168067336336Marriage