Généalogie des communes de Milhas, Razecueillé et Sengouagnet
This family tree was last updated on 30 March 2016.
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Earliest birth year1585Nicolas TOUZET
Birth about 1585 -
Death 16 October 1674 (Age 89) - Sengouagnet, 31544, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées, FRANCE,
Latest birth year1907André Louis DAFFOS
Birth 16 September 1907 - Albi, 81004, Tarn, Midi-Pyrénées, FRANCE,
Earliest death year1673Anne CLAVERIE
Birth about 1672 -
Death 12 February 1673 (Age 13 months) - Milhas, 31342, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées, FRANCE,
Latest death year1993 Lucienne Jeanne BERRÉGAS
Birth 12 November 1896 - Milhas, 31342, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées, FRANCE,
Death 18 November 1993 (Age 97) - Saint-Gaudens, 31483, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées, FRANCE,
Individual who lived the longest113Guilhaume SÉNAC
Birth August 1778 - Aspet, 31020, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées, FRANCE, Balejon
Death before 1891 (Age 112) -
Average age at death39Males: 37   Females: 41
Family with the most children14Jean Bertrand RUMÈBE + Catherine PRADÈRE
Marriage 5 September 1801 - Aspet, 31020, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrénées, FRANCE,
Average number of children per family2.95 
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Jean Marie DURRIEUDURRIEU,Jean MarieMay 18690147147Birth
Bertrand Dit Lapeyre DAFFOSDAFFOS,Bertrand Dit LapeyreMay 18091207207Birth
Marie Jeanne DUTREICHDUTREICH,Marie JeanneMay 17972219219Birth
Marie Jeanne SAINT PAULSAINT PAUL,Marie JeanneMay 17873229229Birth
Michel TOUGNETOUGNE,MichelMay 17794237237Birth
Pierre BARRÈREBARRÈRE,PierreMay 17465270270Birth
Marie Jeanne Hospice DAFFOSDAFFOS,Marie Jeanne Hospice1 May 18896127127Death
Jeanne BARRÈREBARRÈRE,Jeanne1 May 18807136136Birth
Firmin Jean Jospeh Marie LAMARTRELAMARTRE,Firmin Jean Jospeh Marie1 May 18778139139Birth
Marie Jeanne COURETCOURET,Marie Jeanne1 May 18729144144Birth
Guilhaumette FOSFOS,Guilhaumette1 May 186810148148Birth
Marie Margueritte BARÈSBARÈS,Marie Margueritte1 May 186711149149Birth
Bernard CABIROCABIRO,Bernard1 May 186012156156Birth
Marie COURETCOURET,Marie1 May 185813158158Birth
Jeanne Marie SOURDSOURD,Jeanne Marie1 May 185614160160Birth
Laurent RAOULRAOUL,Laurent1 May 185515161161Birth
Marie Raymonde COURETCOURET,Marie Raymonde1 May 185416162162Death
Jacques PAPIERPAPIER,Jacques1 May 185317163163Birth
Jeanne Marie DUPLADUPLA,Jeanne Marie1 May 185018166166Death
Jeanne CABIROCABIRO,Jeanne1 May 184219174174Birth
Bertrande DUTREICHDUTREICH,Bertrande1 May 183920177177Birth
Jean Jacques BOUÉBOUÉ,Jean Jacques1 May 183621180180Birth
Pierre Bertrand BARÈSBARÈS,Pierre Bertrand1 May 183422182182Birth
Jeanne Marie DUCHEINDUCHEIN,Jeanne Marie1 May 183423182182Birth
Marie Jeanne Jacquette Philippe DESCOUXDESCOUX,Marie Jeanne Jacquette Philippe1 May 181724199199Birth
Marie Philippe BARÈSBARÈS,Marie Philippe1 May 181425202202Birth
Marie Jeanne Jacquette BARÈSBARÈS,Marie Jeanne Jacquette1 May 181426202202Birth
Magdelaine SAUNÉSAUNÉ,Magdelaine1 May 181427202202Death
Marie Jeanne Philippe PRADÈREPRADÈRE,Marie Jeanne Philippe1 May 181028206206Birth
Jeanne Marie DUPLADUPLA,Jeanne Marie1 May 180629210210Birth
Bertrande DAFFOSDAFFOS,Bertrande1 May 180430212212Birth
Pierre BARRÈREBARRÈRE,Pierre1 May 179431222222Death
Michel BARRÈREBARRÈRE,Michel1 May 179332223223Birth
Jean Dit Nouriquat RUMÈBERUMÈBE,Jean Dit Nouriquat1 May 178833228228Birth
Martin RUMÈBERUMÈBE,Martin1 May 178834228228Birth
Pierre VARÈSVARÈS,Pierre1 May 177935237237Birth
Françoise BOÉBOÉ,Françoise1 May 177836238238Death
Bertrand DURRIEUDURRIEU,Bertrand1 May 175637260260Death
Catherine DAFFOSDAFFOS,Catherine1 May 175438262262Birth
Jean NOGUÈSNOGUÈS,Jean1 May 175439262262Birth
Pierre DAFFOSDAFFOS,Pierre1 May 174340273273Birth
Jean RIBETRIBET,Jean1 May 172241294294Birth
Bernard OULOOULO,Bernard1 May 168842328328Birth
Daniel BARRÈREBARRÈRE,Daniel1 May 168543331331Birth
Bernard BARÈS + Françoise CLERMONTBARÈS,Bernard + CLERMONT,Françoise1 May 185944157157Marriage